About Us

22 years ago, our young family relocated to the US. At first, we moved from one state to another quite often until we finally found our new home in California.
While dealing with different transportation companies, we thought that we could provide similar services but better, adapting to the clients’ needs. We decided to invest money into a family business and buy a truck to start our journey in the transportation industry.
While working as a truck driver for 6 years and facing lots of difficulties, my husband realized that it is crucial to have a dispatcher. I took that responsibility and did my best to improve my skills.
After overcoming all kinds of challenges, we were finally able to grow our business and create a small team of professionals who could fulfil the transportation needs of our clients. Within time, we’ve developed the best service packages for all our clients, making transportation faster, safer, and stress-free.
We at LoadMaster Group strive to become the most reliable transportation company in the country. Trust us with your transportation, and we’ll treat it as ours.​

Why Choose LoadMaster Group?

At LoadMaster Group, we strive to provide you with the fastest, safest, and most cost-effective vehicle transport services. Our staff always provides you with the best quotes for every vehicle type regardless of the season. We are a top-rated auto transport company that will ensure hassle-free delivery of your vehicle across the US.